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Introduction to jixi BTR graphite industrial park co., LTD

      Jixi BTR graphite industrial park co., LTD. Was established in June 2010, the registered capital of 60 million yuan, existing staff 150 people, is the shenzhen bay, new energy materials co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company address in heilongjiang province jixi (MaShan) graphite industrial park, is mainly engaged in graphite products manufacturing, and related technologies and services (including graphite deep processing research and development services, test and inspection service testing services, processing technology, mining technical services, marketing, service quality and information technology, etc.).Project planning covers an area of 142700 M2, building area of 98000 M2, with a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan, the year processing about 25000 tons of graphite deep processing products, including: spherical graphite 10500 tons;High purity graphite, 1500 tons, 2000 tons of lithium battery cathode material, graphite powder 10000 tons. 
      Project in 2011 is listed as key projects of the black dragon province industrial structure adjustment, in the same year by the national development and reform commission (NDRC) as a strategic emerging industry projects;Jixi is "double hundred" engineering project.
      In July 2013, "national hi-tech enterprise" certificate.And Harbin institute of technology cooperation in 2013 national science and technology support project, and report the graphite type of new energy materials engineering technology research center in heilongjiang province, has won the approval of the department of heilongjiang province;At present, the national science and technology support project team in flake graphite spherical new technology, has developed the granularity for 6 to 12 mu m small particles natural graphite graphite, 2014 new new spherize equipment and imported grading equipment, use of small particles of spherical graphite powder production, production capacity 1200 tons/year;Implements the particle size of small particles flake graphite spherical under 12 microns, and choose the new sizing technology make the spherical graphite composite yield reached 80%.

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Jixi BTR graphite industrial park co., LTD
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