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BTR companies with "high quality, differentiation" as the enterprise the management idea, very pay attention to the cultivation of independent research and development ability, the company invested nearly 100 million yuan, the first domestic industrialization of new energy technology research institute was founded - Betty rui new energy technology research institute.Institute with X fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), the ICS - 3000 ion chromatograph (IC), Hitachi scanning electron microscopy (sem), sander inputs such as more than 100 million instruments and equipment;And the total annual sales to 6% of the funds used to institute the expansion of production scale.Floor development land 3600 ㎡, with six centers: new product development center, engineering center, analysis and test center, application development, basic research center and information resource center;Each center to have a clear division of responsibilities, closely linked, through the CNAS, ISO - 9000 certification, etc.Floor there are 110 people, have six, Ph.D., four of them have different learning and scientific research experience abroad;Master of 35, 30 undergraduate bachelor, all come from the national colleges and universities recruit elite professionals;The floor are perfect talent structure, constantly absorbing talents at home and abroad to strengthen the team, is expected to reach 500 2015 and partial developers.Company research and development institutions have "green power battery cathode materials engineering research center of guangdong province" and "shenzhen energy storage materials engineering center".





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