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Your future is our future

We believe that a good employer should be its employees realize self-worth and personal development environment.

BTR Provides the staff's personal development internal cross-sectoral, cross-regional transfer machine, make employees involved in the new tasks and challenges.








People-oriented working environment

We believe that the work is a part of life, and occupied a large part of the time.

In BTR, we guarantee that the time distribution of the employee's approval.Therefore, we provide employees with a clean, safe and comfortable open work environment.






Competitive pay and benefits system

In the long run, in order to attract talent, retain talent, and motivate talented people, we ensure that wages and benefits provided by the market competitiveness.

We look forward to the employees can have a good performance and get a generous returns, so the salary and employee's contribution to the company directly.






Tailor-made personal development plan

BTR business diversity and international into its employees to provide a broad personal development platform.

Once employees join BTR, get training in the company, performance, and individual potential, etc to provide help.No matter what is your major and job, you will know about their own future and chest.We not only provide formal training, but also by the excellent personal development plan and the way such as on-the-job training for your future directions.



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