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      Shanxi Betty rui new energy technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "shanxi bei terry) was established on November 15, 2011, is by the shenzhen bay, new energy materials co., LTD., and shanxi jin carbon co., LTD. Shanghai joint venture set up joint venture.Shanxi bei terry is a lithium ion secondary battery cathode material the specialized production factory, collection of graphitization purification production, sales, and provide solution in an organic whole, dedicated to the specialization in the field of graphitization, old-age, do fine, do deeply, do!
      As the parent company of shenzhen bay, with focus on lithium ion secondary battery materials research and development, pursuit in the field of new energy materials, continuous innovation, constantly beyond, lead anode materials, the development direction of advanced lithium ion battery materials, lithium ion anode materials is the national standard setters.After 10 years of efforts, the shenzhen bay, already developed now become lithium ion anode materials industry market share of the world's first industry leading enterprises.
      Shanxi bei, relying on the shanxi local carbon industry more than 20 years of history, assembled in the industry have many years of experience in technical talents, and over the years has been committed to build supply chain advantage, from its inception, with a high starting point, excellent quality, low cost as the survival of the enterprise, with flexible ability of capital operation, to ensure that the profitability of enterprise with sustainable growth.The company is located in pingding county in Shanxi Province ZhangZhuang Town new industrial park, located in 207 national highway and stone too highway interchange, transportation is very convenient.Factory covers an area of 40 acres, built graphitization production workshop, packing workshop, warehouse, crushed in the crusher molding workshop, and other auxiliary production facilities.The main production equipment for 14 graphitizing furnace, graphitization processing capacity reached 5000 tons, the production scale in domestic first.Shanxi bei terry graphitization project, feasibility study, can complete assessment, eia, assessment procedures, and obtain ISO2008 certification qualification.
      Shanxi bei, highlight the "one center, two expansion point" the management policy, namely to lithium ion cathode powder materials research and development, production as the center, purification of natural graphite powder, carbon products as two secondary market extension point of the business, make product more is administrative.Domestic and foreign similar standard lithium ion battery is a kind of environmentally friendly high-performance renewable energy, IT is mainly used in mobile phones (development) will serve as a pillar industry of the country, laptop computers, cameras, communications equipment, automotive and mechanical and electrical industry.One especially represented by electric vehicle application field of electric supply and the development of the energy storage power station is the most rapidly.Purification of natural graphite powder used in synthetic diamond synthetic, the product has high carbon (99.997%), the characteristics of high conversion rate, synthetic diamond stone processing, cutting tools are widely used in the construction industry and the geological exploration and other fields, especially carbon products (including isostatic pressing) is mould manufacturing, edm electrode, the preparation of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic industry material.
       Shanxi Betty ray through the three years, the expanded graphite purification capacity advantages, cultivate high-quality customer base, and optimize the meet the medium and the different needs of customers, maintain the variety and diversity of its product line.Through technology improvement, improve aging, and continuously improve enterprise's market competitiveness, to ensure that the graphitization of total domestic market segment first strategic position.On the business, will be the main products of the three kinds of balance extension, reduce the management risk of the single market.After sales income exceeding 100 million, the enterprise key laboratory was established by self-raised funds, carbon, isostatic pressing, and so on many seed business, introduce the coal based anode materials projects, completely changed the enterprise two head out of the situation, shanxi bei terry became an independent intellectual property rights and marketing channel management entity enterprise.     
      Shanxi bei terry to "strengthen the service consciousness, advocates the spirit of innovation" as the enterprise the management idea, will strengthen the graphitization industry, expand product extension and development of economies of scale "as the principle of the operation of the enterprise, shanxi bei terry will be" customer value maximization "as the enterprise continues to grow, continuously exceed the source!With "quality, cost, speed" as the enterprise survival!

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Shanxi Betty new energy technology co., LTD

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