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Jixi long source mining co., LTD

       Jixi long source mining co., LTD is a subsidiary of China baoan shenzhen bay, new energy materials co., LTD., holding investment set graphite mining, chosen as one of the modern enterprise.Company in January 2011, is located in "China of graphite" heilongjiang jixi heng heng district liumao township.In July 2013 formally completed and put into operation, it can be an annual output of 100000 tons of high carbon graphite.

       We have at lang ore block is Asia's largest natural flake graphite deposit - part of the liumao graphite ore deposit, at lang park is located in heilongjiang province jixi heng heng district graphite graphite mine, the mine area of 0.5765 square kilometers, graphite ore reserves of 21.74 million tons, mineral capacity is 2.0665 million tons, the average grade of 10.66%.Ore for natural scaly crystalline graphite, it can produce - 100 mesh, + 100, + 50 mu, + 80 mesh, 325 mesh high carbon series products, such as design in mining ore 600000 tons, can guarantee the graphite thirty years.

       Company has the industry production process using advanced automated program-controlled technology, by saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety management policies, use digital dressing, green dressing industry new standard, new leading industry development direction.Long the source of mining will become jixi natural flake graphite raw material major suppliers.

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Jixi long source mining co., LTD
Heilongjiang jixi heng heng district liumao township industrial development zone
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